Trotter Galleries

Culture — Art And Soul

Trotter GalleriesPhoto courtesy Trotter Galleries. By Mark C. Anderson The late, great S.C. Yuan, one of many beloved, historic artists on display at Trotter Galleries, noted that “art should have something to say to the viewer, and only then is it honest art, which has permanent value.” Terry and Paula Trotter take that to heart. The couple have been at …

Pebble Beach CA

Pebble Beach

For nearly 100 years, The Lodge at Pebble Beach has offered seasoned golfers — and visitors craving luxury — some of the finest courses and accommodations in the world. The Lodge will always impress with its 500-square-foot Garden Rooms featuring a fireplace, marble bathroom, and outdoor patio or balcony overlooking private gardens. We recommend booking far in advance. Nestled between …

Monterey Bay Restaurants

A Bite of Monterey Bay

Foodies near and far appreciate the region’s celebrated chefs and eclectic menus — and its commitment to sustainable food. Thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, established in 1999, many restaurants serve only ecologically conscious catches. This same philosophy carries over into the locally sourced produce that makes its way from the fields of the Salinas Valley to …

craft cocktail

Magic in a Glass

Montrio Bistro’s Anthony Vitacca concocts creative sips with equally inventive names. Anthony Vitacca was crafting his own maraschino cherries and steeping his own bitters long before the word “mixology” became mainstream, and his Montrio Bistro in Monterey remains a perpetual cocktail destination. His latest drink menu provides another tidal wave of wow, with creations like “If You’re Not Into Yoga” …

Monterey Bay Beaches

Shoreline Sojourns

Beach time is a given in Monterey Bay, and the glorious Pacific must be experienced. The following seashore hot spots leave an indelible imprint on the heart and mind. To beach his own. By Greg Archer Photo courtesy Your pet deserves outdoor romps, too.

Bixby Bridge

Attractions — Bixby Bridge

Photo courtesy Callum Snape. At 86 years old, Bixby Bridge is more than a historic gateway to Big Sur; it is one of the most photographed landmarks in Monterey County, gracefully spanning 714 feet across a deep and wild canyon along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, suspending drivers and pedestrians 280 feet in the air. Named after intrepid New York …

Monterey Bay Culture

Artist Spotlight

Paul Seftel. Born in London and raised in New York City, artist Paul Seftel creates contemporary abstract paintings that both soothe the eyes and tickle the mind by deploying gritty, earthy ingredients — pigment, marble dust, limestone, and quartz sand, as ancient artists once did — over broad canvases that can stretch as wide as 9 feet. As the artist …

Carmel Valley California

Carmel Valley

At Roux, chef Fabrice Roux combines locally grown ingredients and a French take on food preparation to give you luscious small plates and entrées that are destined to be paired with the region’s best wines. Café Rustica’s Alsatian dishes are a Tuscan wonder. Our picks? The rich capellini or butternut squash ravioli. Valley Kitchen, situated within the confines of Carmel …

Big Sur

Big Sur

Big Sur turns heads with its dramatic coastline, but venture inland a bit and enjoy a hiking and camping haven. Dining with a view? Plenty. All that and enough refuge to renew the heart and mind. Sierra Mar is fine dining at its best. Located at the resplendent Post Ranch Inn, the cliffside restaurant boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, bountiful ocean views, …

Monterey Wine

Raise Your Glass

Photo courtesy Monterey County is home to 349 vineyards, 82 wineries, and a wine region that generates approximately $1 billion annually for the local economy. Celebrating the area’s lush viticulture is a given — and maneuvering through the diverse varietals may be easier than you think. By Peter Fish Monterey County and winemaking were made for each other. Just …