Monterey Bay Beaches

Shoreline Sojourns

Beach time is a given in Monterey Bay, and the glorious Pacific must be experienced. The following seashore hot spots leave an indelible imprint on the heart and mind. To beach his own. By Greg Archer Photo courtesy By Jill K. Robinson

Bixby Bridge

Attractions — Bixby Bridge

Photo courtesy Callum Snape. At 86 years old, Bixby Bridge is more than a historic gateway to Big Sur; it is one of the most photographed landmarks in Monterey County, gracefully spanning 714 feet across a deep and wild canyon along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, suspending drivers and pedestrians 280 feet in the air. Named after intrepid New York …

Monterey Bay Culture

Artist Spotlight

Paul Seftel. By Mark C. Anderson Born in London and raised in New York City, artist Paul Seftel creates contemporary abstract paintings that both soothe the eyes and tickle the mind by deploying gritty, earthy ingredients — pigment, marble dust, limestone, and quartz sand, as ancient artists once did — over broad canvases that can stretch as wide as 9 …

Carmel Valley California

Spotlight: Carmel Valley

At Roux, chef Fabrice Roux combines locally grown ingredients and a French take on food preparation to give you luscious small plates and entrées that are destined to be paired with the region’s best wines. Café Rustica’s Alsatian dishes are a Tuscan wonder. Our picks? The rich capellini or butternut squash ravioli. Valley Kitchen, situated within the confines of Carmel …

Big Sur

Spotlight: Big Sur

Big Sur turns heads with its dramatic coastline, but venture inland a bit and enjoy a hiking and camping haven. Dining with a view? Plenty. All that and enough refuge to renew the heart and mind. Sierra Mar is fine dining at its best. Located at the resplendent Post Ranch Inn, the cliffside restaurant boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, bountiful ocean views, …

Monterey Wine

Raise Your Glass

Photo courtesy Monterey County is home to 349 vineyards, 82 wineries, and a wine region that generates approximately $1 billion annually for the local economy. Celebrating the area’s lush viticulture is a given — and maneuvering through the diverse varietals may be easier than you think. By Peter Fish Monterey County and winemaking were made for each other. Just …

Monterey Music

Sound Decisions

Photo courtesy California Roots Festival / Marissa Elder. By Mark C. Anderson Monterey music can be difficult to describe without drifting into what sounds like hyperbole. But that’s not without cause — this geographic region is precisely where certain music festivals changed the way the world understood and appreciated music, from the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 to legendary performances …

Monterey Bay Water Attractions

Test The Waters

Photo courtesy Monterey Bay’s far-reaching seascape is breathtaking to behold from beaches and cliffs along the coast, but it’s even more beautiful up close. The bay is located within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, a federally protected marine area. Extending an average distance of 30 miles offshore and encompassing 6,094 square miles of ocean in total, it’s the …

Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance

Attractions — Speed and Splendor

By Matt Jaffe For 10 days every August, the Monterey Peninsula becomes the center of the automotive universe. The peninsula certainly isn’t a manufacturing hub, like Detroit; Stuttgart, Germany; or Maranello, Italy, the home of Ferrari. But for anyone fascinated with historic automobiles and automotive design as high art, nothing compares to Monterey Car Week. This engaging series of events …

Monterey Bay Health

The Perfect Day of Zen

Transformative spas. Yoga retreats. Zen centers. All that, combined with the meditative, natural surroundings of the Monterey Bay coastline, offers visitors myriad ways to unwind and reboot. Reinvigorate your senses in one of the chilled Nordic plunge pools at Refuge Thermal Spa or stimulate your spirituality at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center. No matter what your itinerary holds, your experience is …