Ciudad Juárez

Day Trip – Ciudad Juárez

Day Trip - Ciudad Juárez

La Rodadora.
Photo courtesy La Rodadora.

8 Things To Know About Ciudad Juárez

El Paso and its sister city comprise a binational metropolis of some 2.6 million people, with residents and visitors moving freely through the United States' most-used passenger border port. Their cultures and economies are intimately woven together. Here's what to explore when you go south of the border.

1 From El Paso, along the César Chávez Border Highway, you'll be able to spot La Equis. The 20-story-tall "X" sculpture situated in Ciudad Juárez reflects an Aztec creation myth.

2 Visit Juárez partners with Turibus Juárez for weekday tours of the city's historic district and to the Samalayuca Dunes, a weekend draw for sand boarding and four-wheeling.

3 Juárez is home to the Mission of Guadalupe, a sister church to those on the El Paso Mission Trail. Built in 1659, the stately church was the earliest mission the Franciscans built in the area that still stands.

4 Grab a seat at the Kentucky Club & Grill, which, according to local lore, is the birthplace of the margarita.

5 Housed in the Old Customs House, the Museo de la Revolución en la Frontera features multimedia exhibitions delving into Ciudad Juárez's history, including the role of Mexican Revolutionary leaders like Francisco "Pancho" Villa.

6 A unit of Mexico's national institutes of fine art, the Museo de Arte e Historia displays works of national prominence.

7 One of the largest museums in Latin America, La Rodadora combines science, technology, art, and culture in more than 120 interactive exhibitions. It also houses a 3-D theater, library, and food court.

8 El Punto ("The Point") will soon stand at the Juárez Fairgrounds, which were consecrated as a holy site when Pope Francis spoke there during his 2016 visit. Plans include a more than 225,000-squarefoot building, which will house an expansive Catholic church, a music academy for children, and a community center. The site, expected to open in 2020, will be visible from Interstate 10.