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Original Great American Steakhouse & The Great American Steakburger

More Than Just The Best Burger In Town!

On Nov. 16, 1977, Jack and Peggy Nunn, along with David and Gail Ogle, opened the first Great American Land & Cattle Co. Steakhouse at 7600 Alabama St. in Northeast El Paso. They established a reputation for great food, fabulous service, fairness, honesty, and generosity in business and their personal lives. Their legacy is impeccable, and their lives represented the highest ideals of love, loyalty, and family. They lived out from their hearts the concept that Walt Disney espoused: Treat your employees and guests as family and always give them more than they expect. Their mantra was always about the highest quality of the food served, hand-cut aged steaks and seafood as fresh as possible. Cutting corners was not an option!

Before opening their first restaurant, Jack, Peggy, David, and Gail had previous, very successful steakhouse experience working with Jack's father and wanted to further the concept. They purchased the building on Alabama from Moody's Steakhouse owner, Jim Moody. Their creativity and hard work quickly transformed the location into the city's best steakhouse, which has now been open for 40 years. Jack and Peggy's daughter, Tamara Baca, has worked in this restaurant since she was young and took ownership in September of 2006 upon the death of her mother.

The success of the Alabama location allowed Jack, Peggy, and David to open their second location on Valley Chile Road in Vinton in 1984. This location was sold to a restaurant investment group based in Mexico in April 2004.

Jack, Peggy, and David were so successful at the Alabama and Vinton locations that they decided to try their hand at another concept in 1985, along with Cris Green, who had started working at the original Alabama Street location in 1978 and quickly became part of the family. They opened their first Great American Steakburger at 2220 N. Yarbrough Dr. in a small A-Frame building. This concept was an effort to utilize all the steak trimmings generated from cutting their own steaks by turning them into "steakburgers." This location was an overnight success, and very soon the Montwood Shopping Center came to Jack, Peggy, David, and Cris and offered to build them a building if they signed a 10-year lease. This new building opened in 1986 and has been successful ever since. Upon Peggy's death in 2006, David and his son, Wayne Ogle, took over complete ownership and operations of this location.

In 1998, they opened another location on the Westside of El Paso. The restaurant at 701 S. Mesa Hills Dr. was started by Jack and Peggy, along with Cris and his wife, Theresa. Cris and Theresa Green are still the owners of this location, so it's no surprise to see that the Yarbrough Drive, Mesa Hills Drive, and Alabama Street restaurants are still run with the same care and dedication to quality of food and customer service.

The last Great American started by Jack, Peggy, David, and Cris opened in 1996 on Gateway North in northeast El Paso, which Jack Nunn retained and ran until his death in 2012, and has since passed out of the original families' company.

The most recent addition to the Great American Steakburger family opened in January 2017 in Las Cruces. David and Wayne granted the right to use the name Great American Steakburger to a group of longtime employees, Juvy Rosas, Arturo Antunez, and Felix Moreno, who were interested in opening their own location. The restaurant in Las Cruces is located at 1338 Picacho Hills Dr.

The Alabama location, now known as The Original Great American Steakhouse, has a fine-dining format, a full-service cocktail lounge, and formal service while affording a beautiful panoramic view. The Steakburger restaurants on Yarbrough and Mesa Hills in El Paso, as well as the Picacho Hills Drive location in Las Cruces, have a casual, family-friendly atmosphere, with beer and wine available.

All four locations have large, extensive menus that include steaks, seafood, BBQ, sandwiches, and of course, the famous steakburgers. All of their beef is USDA Choice or higher and cut and aged on premises. Each location has private dining facilities available. These locations are proud to offer the original recipes of signature items such as the Great American Beans, Pineapple Coleslaw, Sautéed Mushrooms, and the famous Great American Steakburger Steak 'n Meat Seasoning. They have worked to maintain the central vision of their founders — Jack, Peggy, David, and Gail — by ensuring they provide the best food, mood, and service on a consistent basis. If you're looking for the finest food and service and wish to support local family-owned and -operated businesses, then please visit them. You'll have the original Great American experience.

Great American Steakburger Locations:

East El Paso
2220 N. Yarbrough Dr., El Paso, TX 79925

West El Paso
701 S. Mesa Hills Dr., El Paso, TX 79912

Las Cruces
1138 Picacho Hills Dr., Las Cruces, NM 88007

The Original Great American Steakhouse:

Northeast El Paso
7600 Alabama St., El Paso, TX 79904

Original Great American Steakhouse & The Great American Steakburger