Great American Steakburger

Great American Steakburger

Great American Steakburger

More than just the best burger in town!

Our aged premium hand-cut steaks, ground-on-premises steakburgers, and amazing seafood have been one of El Paso's finest traditions for more than 40 years. Buying the finest choice cuts and aging them on the premises, our master meat cutters then hand-trim and cut your steak daily to exacting standards. Great American Steakburger has been honored and respected worldwide for our quality and flavor, but tasting is believing, so come in for yourself and see if what you have heard is true.

Our burgers are not just burgers; they really are STEAKburgers. We take the trimmings from our aged rib-eye, New York, filet mignon, and top sirloin cuts and grind that as our burgers. As you can see, when we say steak, we mean steak. And they are lean, too. You will be hard-pressed to find a better burger anywhere. Try topping them with our whole, seasoned, grilled Hatch green chile; smoked thick-sliced bacon; or even our fresh sautéed mushrooms. We serve one of the only rib-eye steak sandwiches in town, which was featured on The Texas Bucket List show this year. There are a multitude of other sandwiches to choose from as well.

We have two locations to serve you better. Our Eastside eatery on Yarbrough and Montwood takes great pride in serving up high-quality food in a fun, casual, and relaxed atmosphere with awesome, friendly service. Our Westside location by Sunland Park Mall, at Mesa Hills and Cromo, is only a block off Interstate 10. They not only feed people the finest food but also care for them and entertain them as if they were family.

Great American Steakburger's reputation stems first from the quality of the steak, of course. USDA Choice or higher corn-fed beef is aged four to six weeks and handcut on premises. Next we add our famous Great American Steakburger Steak 'N Meat Seasoning. Finally, there is the perfect grilling by our experienced cooks. We have a full selection of steaks: rib-eye (try this one mesquite-smoked), filet mignon (so tender, flavorful, and juicy we don't need the bacon wrapping most places have to use), top sirloin, and New York strip — we have them all. Our own smoky, sweet, tangy BBQ sauce smothers our extra-lean brisket, smoked sausage, pork ribs, and even grilled chicken breasts.

Even though we are renowned for our steaks, the seafood at Great American Steakburger is not to be missed. Grilled North Atlantic salmon is seasoned with our famous Steak 'N Meat seasoning and served with our homemade dill sauce. We also feature Grilled Rainbow Trout, which is served with our homemade tartar sauce. If shrimp is more to your liking, we've got them! Ours are jumbo shrimp that are either hand-battered in our homemade beer batter, grilled on our chargrill with our famous Steak 'N Meat Seasoning, broiled in a lemon-butter mix, or scampi style with a cheesygarlicky twist! All of which are served with our spicy homemade cocktail sauce.

We round out things at the Great American Steakburger with numerous appetizer and dessert options as well. Save room for a Mission Pie when you are dining at the Mesa Hills location, with all proceeds going to support mission groups. When dining at the Yarbrough location, be sure to enjoy a Hope Float, a classic root beer float with all proceeds going to local charities. Both locations feature draft beer, bottled beer, and thoughtful wine selections. Kids' meals and senior platters are also available.

Before a dinner visit to Great American Steakburger, one is best advised to lunch lightly, as all of our platters are complete, and the entrée size is large. We look forward to seeing you at one of our locations soon and thank you for supporting locally owned and operated restaurants!

Great American Steakburger
• East El Paso
2220 N. Yarbrough Dr., El Paso, TX 79925

• West El Paso
701 S. Mesa Hills Dr., El Paso, TX 79912

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