Bars and Brothels: A Red Light Tour of Santa Fe

A fun adult alternative to ghost tours. Great introduction to the current bar scene, Hear about wilder times and explore the Guadalupe and Railyard area.

Experience the nightlight of Santa Fe during our Bars and Brothels in Santa Fe: A Red Light Tour. For adults only, this tour will explore some of the city’s more famous bars and hangouts of the past and present.

This 2.5 hour walking tour will cover some of the hotspots of the Downtown and Guadalupe areas such as:

Agave Lounge
La Fonda
and more!

Take a tour with Stefanie Beninato, one of the famous, unknown tour guides in the Santa Fe area. Stefanie is dedicated to providing entertaining, informative, and accurate tours.

$25/pp Min. $65 Weds, Sats 7:30 PM winter/8:30 PM summer


Aug 05 2020 - Dec 27 2020


$25/pp Min. $65 Weds, Sats

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Bars and Brothels: A Red Light Tour of Santa Fe
56 E San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


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