Paul Seftel Studio

Paul Seftel Studio
Artist Paul Seftel stands in front of Cosmic Symphony, 65 x 195 inches, private residential commission, NYC.

Mesmerizing And Memorable Paintings Of Things That Are Happening On A Worldly Level.

Art makes up so much of the creative tapestry in and around Monterey Bay, but few studios in the region have the look, feel, and dynamism of something that could easily thrive in New York City.

Paul Seftel Studio is a rare portal in that regard. With 2,900 square feet in a huge, old cannery warehouse at the edge of Cannery Row, glorious north-facing ocean views, and an array of colorful contemporary abstract paintings that adorn the walls, it has become the "dream studio" of the Central Coast, a place where fortune favors the bold visitor hoping to experience breathtaking art and an artist at work.

The unique studio creates remarkable works of art for homes, estates, hotels, restaurants, and other atmospheric spaces. Smaller works and studies and medium to large works are strikingly colorful, and the larger paintings, starting at 60 to 120 inches, stimulate the imagination, allowing you to contemplate the energy of art and the energy of nature. Additionally, sculptural paintings in multidimensional forms are as colorful as they are inventive.

The man behind the work is London-born artist Paul Seftel, who possesses more than 25 years of artistic excellence. Having studied at the University of Edinburgh, he went on to live in the United States for more than two decades, appreciating the vast expanses of Colorado, New Mexico, New York, and Los Angeles before settling in Northern California.

Whether you are shopping at the American Tin Cannery mall and happen to stop by or are eager to schedule a private appointment, the artist's one-of-a-kind pieces often draw together feelings and thoughts that cannot be expressed in words. It is an expression of the ephemeral — the spirit of nature.

125 Ocean View Blvd. #311, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Hours: 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Thursday–Saturday and by appointment.


Paul Seftel, Momentum Swell, limestone, marble powder, iron oxide, copper pigment, patina, and polymer on canvas, 82 x 72 inches.